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Talk For Writing: We are learning to retell and innovate our 3 Little Pigs Story and create suspense using a "suspense" toolkit. Who can find the Big Bad Wolf? 
Maths: We are working hard on our place value and working within numbers to 10. We are learning to add and subtract numbers within 10 and represent objects and recognise numbers as words. 
R.E: We are learning that we are all God's family and that we belong to God and are one family. We are learning that special times mean that we have to wait, reflect and be patient. 
Science: We are learning to name, group and classify different materials. 
History: Step back in time to find out about Toys from the past and how toys have changed. 
Geography: What is Geography? find out with us as we explore maps, physical and human features and explore where we live. 
Art: Let's mix it up with colour mixing! we are learning how make secondary colours using primary colours. 
D.T: Using our knowledge about materials and the story of the 3 Little Pigs let's find out what materials will be best to build them shelter or a place to shade themselves from the weather. 
Music:  We are learning "How we make friends when we sing together". 
Computing: We are learning to name the main parts of a computer! A monitor, a mouse, a keyboard mouse. We are learning to use a mouse to drag and drop images and move them around. 
P.E: We are staying fit and healthy and taking part with Multi Skills!
PSHE: We are learning about our bodies and how to stay healthy.

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Talk4writing Story Map


Our Year 1 children created a story map about The Three Little Pigs and created their own actions and innovated their story and developed their own actions. They then created a wanted poster to find the big bad wolf creating suspense!


Sorting 2d and 3d shapes


Remembrance Day

We Will Remember Them