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Autumn 1

Me and My Community

This project supports children with settling into the new rules and routines of school and encourages them to make new friends and feel confident in their class. It teaches children about being helpful, kind and thoughtful at home and at school. This project also teaches children how they are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in their family, school and local community are important and can help them.

Exploring Autumn

This project teaches children about the natural changes that happen during the season of autumn, including how the weather changes, why trees lose their leaves and how wild animals prepare for winter.

Autumn Adventures

We had great fun exploring our outdoor environment searching for signs of autumn. The children collected leaves, conkers, acorns and much more from our woodland and outdoor areas. These resources were used in a variety of different ways including creating artwork, in discussion describing the texture and appearance and also in mathematics for sorting and counting.

Hello Yellow Day 2023

Resources to support this topic at home