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Autumn Term - Coastlines​​​​​​​

In this unit we will be looking at coastlines. We will think about key human features, lighthouses and physical features such as the coastline. In history we think about significant people, connected to coastlines, such as Grace Darling and Captain James Cook. We will be designing and making model lighthouses in design technology and considering colour in art.

The parent grid will give you more information about what we are learning throughout year 2 in each subject. There are also some suggestions for activities that the children can carry out at home. If your children do carry out any of the suggested activities, we would love to see the work in school or share through Class Dojo. Remember, every effort is rewarded with nice consequences.

Talk for Writing

In English we are using Talk for Writing. 

Talk for writing structure:

Cold Task

An independent writing task to be completed before the unit of work commences to inform planning.

Read it - Imitation Stage

Familiarisation with the text - identify the key features/vocabulary/boxing up. Generate ideas to plan own writing. Display ideas on literacy learning wall.

Teach it

Teach how to use literary devices appropriate to the text using modelled/shared writing. Grammar to be taught in context as appropriate. Engage the children to write by using drama, film, artefacts, story detectives etc.

Write it - Innovation

Children to write following modelled/shared Guided write as necessary.


Children are given time to edit work following peer/self/teacher feedback.

Hot task - Independent Application

After practising new skills, provide a new assessment or repeat the cold task

Apply it - Independent Application

Plan into the topic how the children will practise their new skills. Box up their own version of a narrative, debate etc applying what they have learnt. 

Please have read of some of our brilliant writing tasks. The Cold task is our first attempt and the Hot task is our independent final task after lots of immerse, imitate and invent strategies within that genre. We have just used a small part of the children’s writing to show the impact of their learning. 

Photographs soon to follow.

Talk for Writing - First Unit

Our first unit is based around Little Red Riding Hood. We will be familiarising ourselves with the story, creating story maps to help us learn the story and acting out the story. 

We will be working on character descriptions and changing a main character.


We use White Rose Maths in class. 

Autumn 1 - We looked at place value in tens and ones, two digit numbers. 

In Autumn 2 we are working on addition and subtraction. We also work together to solve problem questions.

Times Tables

Currently we are working on the 2s, 5s, and 10 times tables

These are some videos we use in class to help us:

Counting in 2s

Counting in 5s

Counting in 10s

Visuals to help place value learning:

In White Rose Maths, we use different representations of numbers.

Rekenrek for counting:

Online base 10 - place value

Online place value chart and game using base 10

Helpful activity sheets for practicing times tables.

Dojo points will be given for any child who bring completed sheets into class.