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Autumn Term - Maafa

In this topic, we will be learning about Africa, past and present, and the development of the slave trade. We will explore Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora.

                                                     LEARNING ZONE!

We have been utilising dictionaries to develop our choices of vocabulary within English lessons this half-term. We are getting quicker at finding words! 

We have been busy practising our flexibility and balancing skills in gymnastics this half-term. We have completed moves independently and moves with partners. 

Science - Phases of the Moon

In Science, we were learning about the Phases of the Moon. We used Oreo biscuits to symbolise each phase! 

Science - Day and Night

We have also been looking at how we get day and night! We first discussed our thoughts and ideas before discussing this with the class. Then, we worked together to see exactly how day and night occur, using our prior knowledge to help us. 

PSHE - Move and Learn (Blackburn Rovers)

We have been working with Blackburn Rover this half-term on a 'Move and Learn' project. We have been discussing different types of exercise and how they affect our bodies! We have also completed different types of exercises together in the playground. 

In our History lessons, we have been looking at the different Ancient Kingdoms. We have worked in small groups to research information about the different Kingdoms and the impact they had on the world today. 

Music - Glockenspiels

In Music, we have been learning the song 'Ghost Parade'. We have been rehearsing the song and also learning to play the tune on the glockenspiels. 

DT - Sewing

We have been working hard to develop our sewing skills, focussing on running stitch and back stitch. 


During our First Aid training session we looked at how to use epi pens, how to perform CPR and how to bandage up wounds appropriately. 

In our PSHE sessions we have been looking at friendships and how to tackle tricky situations. We were put into groups and given scenarios. We had to then work in our groups to complete a role-play of how we would deal with the scenario effectively and appropriately. 

We planned and carried out a fair test to investigate water resistance and which shape would travel quickest through the water. 

Science - Air Resistance

We also looked at air resistance and planned and carried out a fair test to see which material would be best suited for a parachute. We discussed our predictions before carrying out the test - the results were interesting!