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Caritas Ambassadors

Welcome to our page! 

We are the Caritas Ambassadors of St. Antony's. 

We were successfully appointed in October 2023 submitting a letter of interest and completing an interview with Sister Alice and Mrs Malak.


We are called to be Missionary Disciples

At St Antony’s we strive to ensure that all our children recognise their important role in continuing Christ’s mission by promoting the Catholic Social Teachings where together we call for a better, more just world.

Our Caritas Ambassadors lead the way in school; they put their faith into action and are involved in charitable acts, aware of environmental issues as stewards of creation and also promote love for their neighbours where people can live in peace and dignity.

As Caritas Ambassadors ....

We understand we have a crucial role in our school, holding our faith and social justice close to our hearts. We are activists for social change, which has been advocated by Pope Francis as he invites us all to be Missionary Disciples of Christ.

Our Caritas Ambassadors sold hot chocolate and milkshakes to raise enough money to Twin a Toilet with Uganda. The money raised helped fund a project in the Kabale district of Uganda.


The Caritas ambassadors sold raffle tickets to raise money for the Caritas Young Mothers and Baby Unit. They then visited the Unit, had a tour of the house and met some adorable babies. The volunteers at the mother and baby unit were thrilled with our donation of £100 and stated that it will really help the families during the Christmas period. 

Well done to our Caritas Ambassadors who read in Mass at St Joseph’s Church.

May be an image of 8 people and child