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Our school 'Prayers for Life' underpin our entire behaviour system and how we treat one another in school. They are based on the teachings of Jesus and we follow them to try our best to be all that God wants us to be. The Prayers for Life help to keep us happy and safe, caring about each other and taking responsibility for our own actions as we work to Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Dear Jesus,

Help me to always say thank you.

Help me to forgive.

Help me to care for others.

Help me never to give up.

Help me to be generous.

Help me to share what I have.


                                       We are the School Conduct Ambassadors 2023-2024

Click here for our Behaviour and Discipline Policy. The flow chart can be access on this page. 

Good to be Green

All of our children begin the day on 'green.' If they are not following our Prayers for Life after repeated warnings, they receive a yellow card. If the behaviour continues they will then have a red card (our behaviour flow chart indicates which behaviours children have decided are yellow or red.) 

If a child earns a red card they stay in at lunchtime to reflect on their behaviour, they will complete a 'think sheet' with a sorry prayer during this period of reflection and reconciliation.

For children who remain on 'green' every day over the course of a half-term, there is a thank you to them for making our school a better place for all of us to be. Within school, children have enjoyed discos, bouncy castles, arts and crafts, films with popcorn and much more. 

Sanctions and Rewards


Children can earn 'dojos' in class and around school for following our Prayers for Life.

Parents have the ClassDojo app on their phones and will receive a message letting them know when their child has earned or lost 'dojos.' 

This means we are constantly working together as parents and staff to help our children make great choices and receive the recognition they deserve for doing so. 

Children can use the 'dojos' they have earned as currency to trade for rewards of their choosing - organised by our Pupil Council.  A firm favourite for 100 dojos is a McFlurry ice cream.


Gold Ties

All Year 6 have the opportunity to receive a Gold Tie. This is not given but rather earned by showing exemplary practise, consistently, in the following areas, referred to as “ABCD”: