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Daily Routine and Homework



Each half-term, children are encouraged to on a themed project at home. They are encouraged to be creative and take ownership of their learning so that they can deepen their knowledge and understanding of a specific aspect of our in-class learning. Children can then present their work to the class as a speaking and listening activity.

There will also be a Learning By Questions Quiz set and reset daily over the weekend. Children have their own passcodes and then simply type in the code shared to access the quiz. Codes for this will be posted daily over each weekend on Class Dojo.

We also encourage the children to use their individual log-ins to access Times Tables Rockstars and Oxford Owl 

Click on the links below to go straight to the webpage.                     

In addition to the topic grid the children will also be given a list of eight spellings to learn in preparation for a spelling test every Friday.



For books to be changed they need to be SIGNED, books will be changed every Tuesday and Friday each week. This helps to ensure a deeper understanding of what is being read - it is vital we encourage understanding by asking questions when reading with your child.

Please ensure that reading books are in school each day as the children may be heard reading individually. We encourage 20-30 minutes of reading each day. In addition to individual reading, we also do daily guided reading sessions in small groups and a more in depth reading lesson once a week to ensure the children are refining their reading skills. 

These are the statutory word list for lower key stage two that children should be able to spell by the end of year four.