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First Aid Workshops


At St Antony's, we are passionate about providing enriching opportunities to develop life skills. We strongly believe in the value of teaching first aid to children from the earliest age. Each class from Nursery to Year 6 participated in an age-appropriate workshop in September 2023, resulting in high engagement from all pupils.


It was a fantastic day. Both the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt empowered to feel they could really make a difference and save a life!

"I Can Save A Life" First Aid trainers visited our school on Monday 13th November.

The themes of the workshop were as follows:

EYFS - What to do in an emergency - calling 999

KS1 - Recovery Position

LKS2 - Dealing with burns, bleeds and choking

UKS2 - How to help someone having an asthma attack or anaphylaxis shock, dealing with head injuries and also CPR.