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Learning Outdoors

At St. Antony's we believe that taking learning beyond the four walls of the classroom is an essential part of their educational journey. LOTC is led by Mr Hall, who has a strong passion for incorporating outdoor learning experiences into our curriulum. 

Throughout the Autumn term, Mr Hall delivered an age-appropriate, skills progressive curriculum with a range of activities that support various skills, including problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking. Class teachers have now taken ownership and continue to develop these skills further. 

Year 3 participated in the Forest Schools Programme over the course of the Autumn term. This allowed our children to immerse themselves in nature, develop their resilience and acquire various life skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time and gained a deeper understanding of their environment. 


A recent, memorable experience for the children was when they had the opportunity to tase marshmallows on an open campfire whilst listening to captivating folk tales at Christmas. This experience not only ignited their curiosity but also fostered a sense of wonder and appreciation for God's incredible creation.

We believe that these experiences have proven to be invaluable in enriching our children's education beyond the traditional classroom setting. The benefits of learning outside the classroom are numerous and include enhanced creativity, improved problem-solving abilities, increased physical activity and development of social skills.

What our children say about learning outside the classroom...

"I love being outside in the woods. My favourite is when we work in a group to build a shelter" (Y4 Pupil)

"I have learnt to tie knots. The type I can tie the best is called a Half Hitch Knot where I had to tie the rope around the rod." (Y5 Pupil)

"I love being in the woods, so when we go out to classify living things, I'm the happiest alive." (Year 2 Pupil)