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Pupil Leadership

Pupil leadership plays a crucial role at St. Antony's contributing to our positive and thriving learning environment. When our pupils take on leadership responsibilities, they not only develop essential skills but also become active participants in their own education.

One of the significant benefits of pupil leadership at St. Antony's, is the development of teamwork and collaboration skills. When pupils work together to achieve a common goal, they learn how to communicate effectively, solve problems, and compromise. This prepares them for future challenges in the workplace and beyond, developing essential life skills such as time management and organisation.

We strongly believe pupil leadership also fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability. When pupils are given the opportunity to lead, they understand the importance of fulfilling their commitments and the impact their actions can have on others. This encourages them to make thoughtful decisions, consider different perspectives, and take ownership of their learning journey.

By empowering our pupils to lead, we are creating a sense of ownership and pride. This has led to increased motivation and engagement amongst pupils.

We are so proud of the leadership qualities our pupils demonstrate at St. Antony's.