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Residentials are an integral part of our educational program at St. Antony’s as we feel they offer tremendous benefits to our children.

                                                                   Y6 Isle of Man Trip, April 2023

Residentials are an excellent opportunity for character building. By stepping out of their familiar environment and engaging in new experiences, children develop resilience, independence and self-confidence. Through team-building activities and outdoor challenges, they learn to overcome obstacles, adapt to unfamiliar situations, and problem-solve effectively. These experiences contribute significantly to the development of their personal skills and characteristics.

                                                      Y5, Dearne Valley, Kingswoord, March 2024 

Furthermore, we believe residentials provide a unique platform for learning beyond the classroom walls. Through hands-on activities and real-life experiences, children acquire practical skills and knowledge that cannot be taught with being immersed in it. They discover the wonders of nature, understand the importance of conservation, and build scientific and environmental awareness.

                                                       Y5, Dearne Valley, Kingsword, March 2024

We strive to ensure St. Antony’s is a school where the children the leave with the fondest of memories of their time here. Memories created during residentials often stay with children for a lifetime, fostering a love for learning and curiosity about the world around them.

                                                                 Y6, Isle of Man Trip, April 2023

We understand that the cost of residentials can be a concern for our families. We are committed to making these experiences accessible to all pupils. We subsidise the cost of residentials to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate. We firmly believe that the benefits of residentials outweigh any financial considerations, and we encourage all pupils to attend.

                                                     Y5, Dearne Valley, Kingswood, March 2024

The safety and well-being of our pupils during residentials is always the top priority, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our pupils We work closely with accredited residential providers and outdoor activity specialists who prioritise the well-being of our pupils. Risk assessments are conducted rigorously and qualified staff members are present at all times to supervise activities and ensure the utmost care is taken.