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Salford Singing Programme


‘Evangelisation Through Singing’

Our Year 3 and Year 4 classes are participating in the Diocese of Salford Schools Singing Programme.  The weekly sessions led by Kathryn Bradley  (Choral Director of Salford Cathedral).  This project allows opportunities for pupils to participate in additional performances within the Diocese, Parish, and local area.

Weekly sessions take place during the school day and are tailored to suit each class. They include music for school liturgies blended with interactive music education games and secular repertoire.

Classes support the National Curriculum and enhance education attainment and progression. Sacred content nurtures children’s faith and flows into the worshipping life of the school and parish. Choral Directors liaise with schools to ensure sessions provide music for schools’ collective worship.


Watch our Y4 singing with Salford schools 'The Lord's Prayer'- Alex Patterson (Salford SSP version)