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School Librarians

One initiative that we are particularly proud of is our dedicated librarians who run the library at lunchtimes on a rota basis. This not only helps to keep our library tidy and organised but also empowers our older childre to take on responsibilities and develop leadership skills. 

Our Librarians have also taken on the role of recommending texts to fellow pupils. Through their own extensive reading and knowledge of different genres, they have become invaluable resources for their peers, helping them discover new books and authors that suit their interests and reading levels.

Our school is part of the Waterstones Pleasure for Reading Project. This exciting collaboration allows us to access a wide range of books that cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our pupils. With the support of our teaching staff, our librarians have been actively incorporating these books into our library collection. 

In addition, our librarians have been involved in a Reading Buddies project with some of our Year 2 children. This arrangement has proved to be incredibly beneficial to both sets of pupils. Our librarians act as mentors, fostering a love of reading in the younger ones, whilst the younger children receive individual attention and guidance, developing their reading skills and confidence. 

To ensure that our libraries continue to offer a variety of engaging, age-appropriate and current books, our librarians recently visited the Madeleine Lindley book store in Oldham. Taking a packed lunch along with them, the children spent a few hours carefully selecting new books that cater to the interests of our children. We believe that these additions will enrich our library collection and inspire many pupils to explore new literary adventures. 



We are immensely proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our dedicated librarians. Their hard work in promoting reading and fostering a love of literature amongst our pupils deserves our utmost appreciation. We strongly encourage all of our children to make the most of all of our resources in our school library.