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Spring Term - Sow, Grow and Farm!​​​​​​​

In this topic, we will be learning about the features and characteristics of land use in agricultural regions across the world, including a detailed exploration of significant environmental areas. We will be identifying the meaning and benefits of seasonal eating, including food preparation and cooking techniques.​​​​​ We will also focus on the visual qualities of line, light and shadow, where we will explore the work of Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt and be introduced to a range of shading techniques. 

                                                        LEARNING ZONE!

Dance with Bill


English - Hot Seating

In our Talk for Writing unit this half term we are looking at the losing tale Red Eye. We have read and rehearsed the story off by heart and have then created some questions to ask 'Sally' (the main character) about how she felt entering the school so late at night. 

Our topic this half-term in History is The Victorians! We started our topic by looking at a timeline and organising the historic events into chronological order.

History - Research

We worked in small groups to research information about different areas of Victorian life. We researched workhouses, schools, toys, work and homes during the Victorian times and then presented this information to the rest of the class. 

Our Science topic this half term is Materials. We worked as a class to plan and prepare a fair test to investigate which material would be best suited to keep food fresh and cool. We predicted which material we thought would be best prior to completing the test. 

Science - Dissolving

We worked in small groups to test whether we could change how quickly sugar dissolves. Some of us changed the number of stirs, some of us changed the temperature of the water and some of us changed the speed in which we stirred the liquid.