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Summer Term Magnificent Monarchs​​​​​​​

Welcome to Summer Term in Year 2.

Our topic this term will be Magnificent Monarchs. In Summer Term 1 we will be connecting our History to our Art, learning about the different Monarch's who have ruled in Britain and the impact they have had on our lives today. We will be drawing portraits and looking back at historical portraits. 

In Summer Term 2 we have a Geography and Design Technology focus. We will be learning about our local area, where we live, where we go to school, how our area has changed over time and how we travel around our local area. We will also be learning about fabrics, their uses and suitability and significant designers such as Cath Kidston. We will learn how to sew and make a simple running stich and embellish our work with sequins and buttons.

Check out our Parent Grid for more details of what we will be learning in class and some ideas for activities at home.

Design Technology in Summer Term 2:

We are investigating fabrics and looking at ready made products to see what they are made from and how they are constructed. We looked at some every day items that we use and using magnifying glasses we considered how they were attached, what fastenings they had and whether they were fit for purpose. We also considered how we could improve them, for example by making our hats more secure with a chin string or making them multi-season by having a water proof coating and sun reflection and UV protection.

Science in Summer Term 2

In Science this half term we are learning to work scientifically like scientists. 

Music In Year 2

In Summer Term 2 we are learning to play the recorders. The first lesson we learnt where to put our fingers to form the note B and we learnt to read the note B on sheet music.


Recorder Composition Time

ICT in Year 2 - Using Math Skills to create Graphs