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Summer term

This term the children will be learning about: 

RE - world faith (Islam), unit 7 (Witnesses), unit 8 (Healing), unit 9 (Common Good)

Talk for Writing - Alma (Fear Story), Free Choice (Non-Fiction - Hybrid Texts), Free Choice (Fiction - Quest Story)

Maths - Shape, Position and Direction, Themed Projects - Consolidation and Problem Solving

Science - Investigations, Animals Including Humans

PE - Cricket and Athletics (EdStart), British Gymnastics Coaching 

History - Ground Breaking Greeks 

Geography - Do We Really Need To Protect Our Rainforests? 

Art - Bees, Beetles and Butterflies 

DT - Architecture 

Music - How Does Music Shape Our Way Of Life? How Does Music Connect Us With The Environment?

Computing - Programming - Variables In A Game, Programming - Sensing

Spanish - Grammar and At School 

PSHE - Created and Loved By God