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Our latest survey was carried out in March 2024. Parents were overwhelmingly positive about the school. Some of the comments we had include:

I thought the jump from reception to year 1 would be so overwhelming for my child, but my child absolutely loves learning helped by the lovely teachers easing them into new routines and subjects. The headteacher as fantastic as always and nothing is too much trouble if you need to speak to her. Pastoral support again amazing for any concerns if your child is having a bad week, big feelings or a problem with another child Mrs Ali will go above and beyond to resolve situations and provide support and the wellbeing group she ran was fantastic for my child! Ms wildy is brilliant if you feel like your child may be struggling in certain areas too.

Amazing little school and I can't wait to see what my child achieves in the next year!

I could not ask for a better nursery for my son to come too, mrs warren and mrs Duxbury are out of this world. I was so anxious about my little boy coming to nursery however all staff reassured me when dropping my other child off at school that he would be fine, he now runs in and he absolutely loves coming to school and has so much fun they are approachable and understanding and have the biggest hearts. 💕 Mrs McGowan and all the other staff in the school are fabulous and so approachable to everyone that comes into the school making you feel part of the school family. As for the office staff, cleaners, TAs, kitchen staff and off course the site staff are so friendly and helpful. Overall an absolutely outstanding school.

Wonderful teaching staff

Amazing school. My child loves to come to school and enjoys the lesson. The school Makes learning fun which is fantastic.

St Anotonys is an amazing school. The staff go above and beyond for the children as do visitors and volunteers. You know you are part of the family, and its an open door policy at any time. They have done some much for the children and believe that each child is an individual, not a number, and they also know that a child cant learn to their full capacity without their welfare and emotional needs met first. The school is warm and welcoming, and with a headteacher who truly cares, loves and understands, not just the children, but the families as a whole. Thank you guys, so much. 🙏❤️

Amazing school,fantastic teachers! My daughter has thrived at St Antony's! She leaves to go to high school in July and I know she will miss this school very much. You have a fantastic group of teachers Mrs McGowan ,and you are a wonderful head teacher too! Thank you!

Excellent school and staff

Mrs McGowan is an amazing head teacher and I’m proud to have my children in her care, the teachers are amazing overall the school is the best around. My children have been going here for the last 9 years and they’ve loved coming and making so many happy memories in school.

Actions from this survey:

Always dojo parents about cuts or grazes in case they don't get mentioned in the rush at the end of the school day.

The school council to write to the actual council about parking near the zebra crossing.

To continue to work on homework and communication in certain classes.

To organise more big fundraising events instead of multiple small ones.

To review our reward system in particular for SEND pupils. 


Comments from November 2023

'I think the school itself is brilliant especially compared to other schools in the area. It is a well led school and Mrs Mcgowan and the staff go above and beyond for the children.'

'We are so happy we chose St Antony’s for my child! She’s really thriving. I’m so impressed. Brilliant school'

'What a fantastic school who genuinely care about the children! My child is now in year 1, he was more than prepared to start key stage one thanks to Mrs Macneal and his current teachers Mrs Morini and Ms Wildy are fantastic my son is so happy to go to school and loves all the topics they cover. Any problems we have had have been dealt with quickly and appropriately.'

'The school, headteacher, and staff are all fantastic! My child loves coming to school and is very fond of his teacher! His teacher is very helpful and always available to talk to if needed!'

'The teachers in reception are amazing and have supported my child better than I could have expected in terms of their academic learning. My child is settled, happy and keen to learn. Thank you'

'I can not fault St Antony's at all they have been amazing with my son who is being assessed for autism, all the teachers are welcoming & friendly'

'Excellent school can not fault it atal. The teaching is amazing my child love's coming to school and learning. Built so much confidence with being at this school.'

'St Antonys is the best school I could have chosen. Very well led by Mrs McGowan, always looking for ways to improve the school and make it enjoyable for the children. Year 4 teachers are amazing, they keep me in the loop with everything and help my child to feel comfortable and help him with issues that he has discretely so that he doesn’t feel embarrassed. Couldn’t thank Miss Wildy enough everything she has done to get my child the extra support he needs, even attending an appointment with the paediatrician with us'

'My son is in the last year and at the end of his primary school life, the teachers have done amazing with him and helped him in his good and bad times. Thankyou :)'

'My child has learnt so much since starting school and this is down to school putting the time and effort and understanding for them to thrive. I am very happy with the morals and values the school has and the kindness of the school with staff and pupils everyone looks out for each other.'

'Doing a great job.'

'Good supporting school. Definitely improving with communication to parents. It's good there are lots of activities available. Excellent social and Religious events.'

ACTIONS that we are working on from this survey:

We will work on making homework consistent across school. Some parents felt it was too much and others not enough. Our policy was revised in January 2024 and we have introduced a weekly homework club so we hope we have improved this. 

We will ensure communication is consistent across school with dojo and our new Instagram feed. Parents indicated that some year groups send out more updates and class photos than others, and they like seeing the photos!

One class in particular is sometimes late coming out...we will sort this!

A parent would like more detail of the topics we are studying. Our refined plans are now being uploaded to class pages and we will have paper copies of 'parent grids' available if requested. More parent workshops are on offer. For example, this year we have had reading fluency, science workshops, stay and pray and craft sessions with parents to name a few.

A few parents would like parents evening later in the evening. We have an 'open door' policy and parents can make an appointment to see a teacher after school on a day that suits them, or even within the school day where possible. Telephone appointments and zoom calls are also available.

A couple of parents have complained about the music in the morning...however the majority love it. We are being careful in our choice of playlist to try and raise spirits on a grey or gloomy day.