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In February 2024, the Year 6 children rembarked on another exciting school trip to the University of Central Lancashire. The main purpose of this visit was to provide the children with a firsthand experience of university life and to inspire them to reach for high aspirations in their future education and careers. After last year's amazing Forensic science day, the staff and pupils were very much looking forward to being inspired.

The day began with a warm welcome from the university's staff, who spoke about the important role of archaeologists in uncovering our historical heritage. 

 The children were most excited about participating in a mock archaeological dig set up by the university. They were given the opportunity to excavate a mock site and discover hidden artefacts. This activity not only enhanced their understanding of the field of archaeology, but it also fostered teamwork and critical thinking skills amongst the students.

Throughout the visit, the children eagerly engaged with university students, who shared their personal experiences and answered any questions the children had about university life. This interaction was instrumental in igniting a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm, as the Year 6 children began to envision their own future academic journeys.

The visit to Uclan University provided an enriching experience that broadened the children's horizons and instilled in them high aspirations for their own futures. By immersing themselves in the university environment, the children gained a deeper understanding of the opportunities that await them beyond primary school.