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WOW Ambassadors

We are participating in an exciting initiative called the WOW - The Walk to School Challenge. We are delighted to be part of this nationwide movement that encourages children to walk to school and reap the many benefits it brings.

Walking to school has numerous advantages for our children. It promotes physical fitness, helping them to lead healthier lifestyles and develop good habits from an early age. Walking to school also contributes to reducing traffic congestion and pollution around our school, creating a safer and more pleasant environment.

To ensure the success of this scheme, we have appointed WOW Ambassadors within our school.

These pupil ambassadors serve as champions for walking to school and play an integral role in promoting this initiative.

They lead various activities, including organising competitions to encourage participation, ensuring that the Travel Trackers are set up and kept up to date and the distrubution of badges earn when walking regularly. 

Moreover, our WOW Ambassadors will keep the children informed about national days of interest related to walking, providing them with opportunities to engage in fun and educational activities that support this initiative.

We believe that their enthusiasm and dedication will inspire others to participate and make a positive impact on our school community.

Walking to school can become an exciting daily adventure for them, and their efforts will contribute to making our school and local community a greener and healthier place.

With the help of our WOW Ambassadors, we will be regularly updating you on the progress of our WOW - The Walk to School Challenge and we will highlight any notable achievements or upcoming events.