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Daily Routines and Homework


Start of day: 8.35am children come to class

Morning break: 10.30am - 10.45am

Lunchtime: 12.15 - 1pm

Home time: 3.10pm


Morning Club:

We run a morning club in year 4 where children can come into class early from 8am to practice their timetables or complete their accelerated reader quiz. This is separate from the breakfast club which takes place in the hall. 


PE - Summer Term

PE uniform is required on Monday and Tuesday this half-term. On Monday we work with EdStart sports coaches and on Tuesday we have dance. 

Please note, jewellery cannot be worn, especially on PE days. This includes earrings.

Year 4 Class Dojo Page

The links below are the parent grids for each term. The grids explain what your children will be learning in each subject and also give some ideas for complimentary activities which can be completed at home to support our work in class.

Each half-term, children are encouraged to work on a themed project at home. They are encouraged to be creative and take ownership of their learning so that they can deepen their knowledge and understanding of a specific aspect of our in-class learning. Children can then present their work to the class as a speaking and listening activity. There are suggestions for such projects and activities on the parent grid found in the parent information section. You can click the link below for quick access.

Parent Grids

There will also be a Learning By Questions Quiz set weekly. Children have their own passcodes and then simply type in the code shared to access the quiz. Codes for this will be posted on Class Dojo.

We encourage the children to use their individual log-ins to access Times Tables Rockstars this can be done daily, and each weekend there is a tournament that runs from Friday till Monday morning. 

Children in year 4 use the Accelerated Reading programme. Daily reading is encouraged and quizzes are completed when the books are returned to school. At St Antony's, we are passionate about reading and want to share that passion with all of our children. We have therefore started a new reading scheme - Accelerated Reader. Each child in Year 4 will complete an initial test to identify which Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) they are on. This will then verify which levels of books they should be reading. When they have completed their books, they are to complete an online quiz (in school only) which will show how much they have comprehended from their books. They will resit an Accelerated Reader test 3 times a year to keep up to date with their ZPD's and reading progress. This amazing programme also provides bespoke targets and appropriate interventions for each child to be challenged further. 

Weekly spellings are sent home and progress is checked in school once weekly.

Weekly homework is sent home in our yellow homework books, this will usually cover a Maths and English activity linked to our learning. However, topic-based homework will also be sent as appropriate.