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At St Antony's we aspire to let your child's imagination flow when it comes to art and design. We aim to develop their art skills gradually through a detailed programme related to their current class topic. The progression of skills in art is designed to assist your child in becoming a well rounded artist developing their skills in all of the following areas; Drawing, colour, texture, form, printing and pattern.


Foundation Stage's topic of 'On the Farm' led to them creating some beautiful artwork. They made this wonderful display using a wide variety of media and art techniques. The children each had the opportiny to handle, manipulate and enjoy using a wide variety of materials. They also enjoyed the opportunity to sort, tear and glue the items down independently.


'I Can' statements for Art 


Year 1 and 2's topic of 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' saw both classes creating a wide variety of artwork. Year 1 did an observational drawing of Darwen Tower, a place they visited on their school trip. They had to carefully observe the photos they had taken on the trip to create an accurate copy of the tower. 



Here the children in Year 2 have created their own interpretations of famous towers using only art straws and black paper. They have shown that they have an awareness of man-made forms in the environment. Also that they are able to shape and form these towers from observation. Can you identify any of the towers?



The children in Year 1 have also created artwork using a painting app on the learnpads. They experimented with a wide range of digital tools to design their own castles following their school trip to Skipton Castle. .