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Attendance information


We take attendance very seriously at St. Antony's. Good punctuality and attendance from the Early Years forms good habits for future education and working life. In addition to this research has shown that children with good attendance do better, academically, in school. 


Poor attendance and lateness can affect a child in different ways:


  • make a child feel anxious and flustered each morning- not a good start to the day!
  • they feel less happy in school and this affects their ability to learn
  • missed lessons mean a child will fall behind and this can affect self esteem and confidence even more
  • children are less likely to form strong friendships as they miss fun times in school
  • habits formed in taking random days off for minor ailments encourage laziness and a lack of resilience


Children who feel a bit 'off' in the morning most always perk up when they see their friends at school. Staff will always send an ill child home. Keeping your child off may seem like kind parenting but it may result in deeper problems later on. If absence falls below a certain level, warning letters are triggered and you may even receive a home visit form the Local Authority Education Welfare Officer due to 'educational neglect'. 


If you are genuinely struggling to get your child to school, please ask us for help by phone or ClassDojo- there is usually something we can do!