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Autumn 2 2017/2018 - Fallen Field's/A Child's War

This term we are learning all about the War and what life would have been like for a child. We will be cooking wartime recipes, researching and building Anderson shelters and finding out about how to ration food. 


In English we will be focusing on; writing letters, diaries, recounts and poetry. 

In Mathematics we will be focusing on; the four operations - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing (including decimals), negative numbers, decimal and fraction equivalents, rounding numbers (including decimals), length and regular and irregular shapes. 

In Science we will be focusing on; electricity and adaptation. 

In R.E we will be focusing on; Life Choices and our missions. 

In History we will be focusing on; the 1st World War and the 2nd World War.

In Geography we will be focusing on; maps of Europe, cities of the UK and human Geography. 

In P.E we will be working on; Dance.

In Art and Design we will be focusing on; sketching and drawing Poppies through different medium. 

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on; following recipes and building Anderson shelters. 

In Music we will be focusing on; Wartime songs.



Mathematics - The Caesar Shift

We are learning all about the Caesar shift and how they spoke using code during the War. This code is named after the famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. He used it to communicate with officers in his army across the Roman Empire!


English - Discussions, letter and diary writing

We have been busy discussing how Evacuees would feel during World War II. We looked at the contents of their bags and discussed how we would feel if we were to be evacuated with only a picture, letter and a teddy to remember our loved ones. 

We then wrote a diary, in the shoes of William Beech (from Goodnight Mr Tom), to describe the days of an evacuee child!


Design Technology - Building Anderson Shelters

​​​​​​​We designed, planned and then built our very own Anderson shelters after researching what they look like and why they were used. 


History - WWII

We have been learning all about life during World War II and what it was like for an evacuee child. We have written letters, built Anderson Shelters, researched WWII schools and had discussions about food and rationing. Check out our WWII Day page for more information and pictures!!!


RE - Life Choices

​​​​​​​Following our hard work in RE, we finished our topic with a class wedding to consolidate all that we had learnt. It was a really good experience which enabled us to understand a Wedding in more depth. 


Science - Electricity 

Our Science lessons have been really fun this term! We've learnt all about electricity and how to make circuits. We even planned our very own fair test, to see whether materials would allow electricity to pass through and then completed our tests!