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Autumn 2 Year B - Tribal Tales


Year 3 will take a trip to prehistoric times for this half term's imaginative learning project, as we imagine what life was like 5,000 years ago. How were people's lives different to ours now? What did the world look like? We will be answering many questions as we explore our history from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Stone Age Boy proved to be a fascinating and very insightful read. We used this book as a focus for our whole class guided read following the principles of VIPERS.



Cave Baby was a great introduction to the topic which inspired our Cave Art masterpieces. We wrote in role as cave baby and focused in on how his emotions changed throughout his adventure with the woolly mammoth.



UG was a brilliant to introduce the use of inverted commas, commonly known as speech marks. As the books is retold as a cartoon strip the children had great fun changing what the speech bubbles could say and then writing it in narrative form with direct speech.



Year 3 have been finding out about the role of an archaeologist. We have found that that archaeologists are interested in people who lived in the past, sometimes quite recently, but more often a long time ago.


They want to find out about these people by examining the things they left behind and the ruined remains of where the people once lived, slept, ate and worked.


It’s the job of archaeologists to uncover clues in the soil, to record the evidence and to collect the objects. So archaeologists dig and excavate.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon of being  archaeologists. In Geography, we mapped out where in our school ground would be best to excavate. 

We have created fact files about Stonehenge and used powerpoint. The children worked in groups of 3 and presented their findings to to the class. We also created some Stonehenge silhouettes.

We created some fabulous Cave Art. We displayed them with questions about the Stone Age which wrote at the start of our first History lesson. 



We have received, yet again, incredible topic homework. The children and parents have worked very hard.

In PE we have been focusing on dance. We have linked it in to our Stone Age Topic. You can check out parts of our dance, including warm up and cool down on our Class Dojo page. 

In Art we designed our own Stone Age Jewellery using salt dough. Initially, after looking at some artefacts , we sketched some ideas in our sketch books before choosing a final design to make our of salt dough. We then painted them our designs. 

We have had many opportunities to write cross curricular in Tribal Tales. We have written newspaper reports about the discovery of Skara Brae, a stone-built Neolithic settlement on the Scottish island of Orkney. We also wrote a travel guide as to persuade people to visit the site through our Geography work, first of all we used online tourist websites about Skara Brae and looked at their effectiveness, We also wrote historical reports about the prehistoric animal, the woolly mammoth. For more example of work check the Class Dojo page.

Friendship Week

Friendship Week has been celebrated in November. In English we watched the short Pixar film called "For The Birds". We discussed whether we think the big bird was treated unfairly by the other birds because he looked different. We started to think how he must have felt throughout the film. We hot seated big bird and also the small birds. In English we wrote letters to the small birds, persuading them to consider changing their ways. 



In Science, we have been learning about forces and magnets. The children have all been so enthusiastic and have been developing our working scientifically skills in each lesson. We carried out lots of investigations and created a Science Fair, the children designed magnetic games and we invited Year 5 along to come and play them. It was a great success.

Each child thought of a scientific question, on some card, relating to their game which once played the year 5 player could try and answer. if you lift the flap on the card the answer is there.

We often take our SPAG lessons outside. The children had to find sentences hidden around the playground and choose which which there/they're/their was grammatically correct. A lot of homophone fun was had. 

The children love using our new software, Lego Wedo. After following the instructions to make their models, the children complete a set of algorithms - a set of commands - to bring their model to life. It is proving to be a fantastic tool for introducing the children to robotics. It promotes team building skills as communication and collaboration is key. Year 3 definitely have some engineers of the future. More photographs are available on the Class Dojo Year 3 page.

In Music, we have been learning how to play the glockenspiel through the Charanga scheme of work. The children can choose to sit at the desks on the carpet, whatever is most comfortable for them and where they can clearly seen the interactive screen.

We have been working on the topic "Visitors" in RE. For our introduction, we thought about someone we would like to invite to our homes for tea. We shared who it would be and why. We also started to plan how we would prepare for their visit and what we would do when they arrived. We then thought about the visit Mary got at the Annunciation and how she must have felt after hearing the very special news from the Angel Gabriel.We wrote diary entries in role as Mary. We moved on to the first visitors Mary and Joseph received in that stable. We discussed why were he poor, unimportant shepherd's in God plan to be the first visitors. We role played a news room and the shepherds explained what happened that glorious night.

Chris-maths days in one of our all time favourite days of the school's calendar. We all wore our Christmas jumpers and took part in an array of different mathematical, festive puzzles and problems. We played pass the parcel with timetables calculations hidden under each layer. We even went outside into the woods to collect sticks and make some great festive shapes. Can you guess what they are?

Year 3 and the school choir visited Linden House Nursing Home on the last day of term to perform the Nativity Story and to Carol Sing. It was a very enjoyable morning for the residents and all children involved.The children each received a gift to say thank you for their time from the Linden House.


Each class in the school has undertaken a 6 weekly sessions in mindfulness from Miss Debbie from Sprouting Mindfulness. Mindfulness teaches children to concentrate on the present and recognise and  their feelings and emotions in order to respond in a more controlled manner. Year 3 loved having Miss Debbie visit our class each Friday morning and really enjoyed body mapping, a form of meditation.

Introduction of Oracy Lessons 

This half term we have introduced weekly Oracy lessons. Oracy lessons have been proven to be important because by learning to talk well, young people develop the confidence and ability to express themselves appropriately and clearly, at the same time are able to listen effectively. This in turn will facilitate in independent learners.

There’s no doubt we know good communication when we see it. At St. Antony's we want to nuture individuals who can articulate their thoughts and ideas and can use their language to explain new concepts and experiences.

So far the children are highly motivated by our Oracy lessons and love English lessons on Mondays more than ever before.

We prepared some delicious, sweet treats with a festive twist for St Antony's Christmas Markets. We sold out in record time! Well done Year 3. We made triple what we spent on ingredients... entrepreneurs of the future reside in the Year 3 classroom each day. 

We have ended Autumn 2 with a well deserved Polar Express Pyjama day as a well done and thank you for all their hard work. We started the morning receiving a golden train ticket. The children were invited on board the Polar Express train. We read the introduction to the book and made inferences as to what they thought the journey was like. We then watched the movie with Year 4 and enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate with marshallows and whipped cream.