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Autumn 2B - Memory Box


Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a best-loved books?

Look back at family photos of special occasions, perhaps holiday snapshots or a birthday or two! Remember a wedding, or a Christening and find a funny photo of your parents when they were young!

Learn how to write a diary of days gone by, and find out about the days before you were born: it's called history and it's all about the past.

Then make a special box; a memory box, to keep special things. In years to come you can revisit them and remember how you looked when you were young. 

Memories are SPECIAL... Let's make some more!

What we're learning this term.

Gifts from their Baptism

Here is their Baptism Garmet that they wore when they were being Baptised. I think it is a little small now ...





Here we went on a walk to identify what were physical features and human features as our geography lesson !! 

What is this tennis court, Physical or Human?



We learnt how to put up a tent working as a team. We went through all the stages that you need to do in order to do it correctly. It was so much fun BUT do you know how to do it?



Also, we wrote down one of our favourite memories, placed them in a box and buried them deep down in the ground. We are going to dig them up when we are in year six and read all our MEMORIES from year two. HOW EXCITING!!


We have been listening to our family members memories, from when they were younger and learning lots of things about what they did for fun. Also we learnt how different it was for them at school.




We loved the cinema trip as we ended up watching the NEW GRINCH movie. 

Enjoying independent reading in the library with a book of our choice!



We loved creating beautiful pieces of art work through music. We listened to a piece of Christmas themed music and the children had to draw what they thought they could hear. 



Checking the temperature outside, inside and on our own....




The children loved the pantomime this year ! They also love the Coach journey there and back! 



Some children have brought in their Baptism candles to show the class



The Baptism Candle 

We have recently been doing our big write on our favourite teddy bear. We loved being able to bring them in every day and have them at our tables!

ODD and EVEN which numbers are which ?


A little bit of relaxation time after a busy morning learning lots of new fun things.

Here we are learning all about fractions and whether it should start from 0 or 1/2 ... what do you think? 

BELOW... Now we are matching the fractions we have learnt to the correct picture fractions.

In science we have been identifying which food is savory and which is sweet... POPCORN or a slice of LEMON?
Designing and making puppets with Mrs Duxbury
Independent reading
Mad about money during maths..


STOP, THINK, LOOK AND LISTEN before you cross the road.