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Take a step back in time...


At St. Antony's we aim to provide pupils with a high quality programme of history that inspires pupils to learn more about life in the past.

This half term as part of their topic 'Memory Box' Year 1 and 2 have visited Blackburn museum to take part in a 'Toys of the past' learning session.  


At St. Antony's we aim to provide children with a creative curriculum and ensure a progression of skills. (See below) 

Time periods, significant individuals and events in history taught this year are:

EYFS - How we have grown up and changed.

Year 1/2 - Great Fire of London, Toys of the Past, First aeroplane flight, Neil Armstrong.

Year 3/4 - Ancient Greece, Stone Age to Iron Age.

Year 5/6 - Early Mayan Civilisation, The Plague, Ancient Egypt.