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Mental Health and Wellbeing


Our Designated trained Lead for Mental Health is Mrs McGowan and she is well supported in this role by our staff family. In addition, Mrs McGowan, Mrs Cooper and Miss Wildy are trained Mental Health First Aiders and support children, staff and parents in a variety of ways; we work towards everyone feeling emotionally secure and resilient to deal with life's ups and downs. Miss Wildy leads on staff wellbeing and Ms Ali, as Pastoral Manager, leads on pupil wellbeing and family support.


Social wellbeing and the ability to build positive healthy relationships, be respectful and caring is vital. Ms Ali supports this in school through her work with families. Our 'Good to be Green' system encourages good friendships; the SMSC curriculum and British Values are interwoven through all learning. Staff build good relationships with children and parents and this is demonstrated by the strong community we have established.  We rely on and are there for each other. 


We are all put on this Earth to fulfill God's mission and be who God wants us to be. We each have the responsibility to open our hearts and minds to the role we are intended to play. We can only truly be happy when we are working and living together for God. To do that successfully, we need to take care of the bodies God has given us and be respectful of each other. At St Antony's we try to take care of everything that makes us like Jesus Christ and  fully human.




The church teaches us that we should look after the needy. It is good for our wellbeing to help others. We actively support a range of charitable work; fundraising and community work is an integral part of our curriculum. Mrs Malak ensures the Mini Vinnies and Caritas ambassadors lead the way.


Life is not always happy. When situations arise, emotions are triggered; sadness, worry, guilt or anger are some of the emotions our children need to recognise. One we know how we are feeling, we can make better choices. This is where Mrs Duxbury our Nurture Lead and Mrs Linely our Emotional Literacy Support Assistant can help.  We use mindfulness in school to learn how to keep ourselves calm and react appropriately in the present moment. Emotionally aware people deal well with life and are resilient. 



We must look after and respect the bodies that God gave us. By making healthy food choices and with daily exercise we can be the best we can be. Physical activity and good nutrition is of utmost importance in our curriculum. Mrs Saunders ensure we eat well and even gives cookery advice and recipes to parents. Mr Douglas ensures our sports provision caters for all. 


We are spiritual. We have have places around school for quiet reflection. Meditation is part of our daily practice; this is through whole school worship, group and class opportunities. The children understand the importance of growing closer to God.


Now more than ever children and adults need support with their mental health and wellbeing. There is a  list of useful links below. We understand how much this pandemic has affected everyone and can offer support and advice.  If there is a link below that you want to know more about please ring or call in and see us and we can support you.  

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