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Useful Parent Information

The National Online Safety website has lots of fantastic information to keep parents up to date on apps and games They have detailed guides and a wealth of knowledge to help both parents and children to stay safe and vigilant online. We spoke to the KS2  children about MOMO on February 27th 2019 as there had been some concern among them about hacks on YouTube - there is further parental information if you click on the link below. In addition, there are some of the guides to other games that we have found to be the biggest talking points among the children: 

National Online Safety have also prepared some great resources that you can access through this link. Some of these resources may need you to create an account in order to view them but it's quick and easy!

Many children and young people may receive gifts over the festive season such as Smartphones, Tablets and Gaming Consoles which allow them to connect online.  Please have a look at the document below which gives advice on how to stay safe with those new gadgets children may receive over the Christmas period.






Marilyn Hawes came to speak to the children about staying safe online and Cyberbullying in Spring 2017. 

Many of the children were shocked by what Marilyn had to say but some Year 5 and 6 pupils admitted to having 500+ friends on social networking sites! The message was a much-needed wake-up call for them to look at their privacy settings and be more vigilant about who they are speaking to online!