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' that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God...' Colossians 1:10

Our Curriculum

We aim to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, physical, personal and social development of all children and help them to achieve their full potential whilst fostering their capacity to love learning.


We follow the National Curriculum. Each lesson follows a National Curriculum objective, which are explained to the children using 'I can' statements to outline what they're aiming to achieve from each lesson.

Please click on our individual class pages to find the related curriculum plans sharing progressive skills, knowledge and exciting facts our children are learning about in each Year group.


Should you have any questions about what your child is being taught, what is expected of them at the end of each year or would simply like to know more about  the National Curriculum please do not hesitate to contact us.


In order to fulfil our mission statement and use '...Jesus Christ as our inspiration as we raise standards and aspirations for all our children,' we strive to provide a creative curriculum that allows all our children to grow in knowledge and faith, whilst developing their unique God-given talents. Class-teachers work together in Key Stage groups to plan a rich, diverse curriculum on a two-year rolling programme so that they can plan together and share good-practice; allowing our children to have the benefit of their shared knowledge and talents. 


Our Long Term Planning grids below, outline the topics and themes for each half-term within each Key Stage for Year A. Children will then study a different curriculum during Year B (see below) so that by the end of a two-year programme, our children will have a broad and balanced knowledge across all the subject areas.

Our Medium Term Planning grids for each half-term show a more in-depth breakdown of what children will focus on in their learning. They can be found on the class pages under the relevant half-term.


Finally, If you would like to look at a subject area or topic in greater depth, please see the particular subject area (under the drop down menu for Curriculum) for a full breakdown or perhaps look at Parent Curriculum Grids, which are available on each class page.


We are currently on Year B for the academic year 2018-19