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​​“Jesus is calling you to be a disciple with a mission! Go, do not be afraid, and serve."
Pope Francis, 29th July 2013


At St Antony's, prayer plays a central role in all areas of school life. 



Our Prayer Room has an open door policy for all members of our school community; whether seeking a listening ear, spiritual guidance or a quiet space to reflect and pray.


Pupil Chaplains, work closely with all members of staff and in sharing that which is most sacred in our school; the Good News of Jesus Christ. 


All members of our school community are given opportunities to respond, reflect, and act upon this message.


Hello, we are the newest team of Chaplains. After writing a letter of application and being interviewed by Father Barry and Mrs Malak, we took our role at Advent (December 2019), the start of the liturgical year. 

The chaplains officially launched the "Year of the Word" in school. They have lots of innovative ideas to celebrate the year and are working very closely with the Caritas Ambassadors to live out the Gospel values.



The chaplains delivered a wonderful assembly about the Year of the Word. They compiled a quiz for some of our teachers to show how fascinating the Bible is. 

Liturgies and prayer opportunities led by the chaplains to reflect the Liturgical year are:

Meditation of the Holy Rosary

Holy Souls – books of remembrance in November

Travelling cribs

Light Fever


Ash Wednesday liturgy

Stations of the Cross

Crowning of Our Lady

Bible Blessings tied in with World Book Day


In addition they also play a large role in our school masses by choosing themes and writing their own prayers of the faithful. 

  • We lead lunchtime Prayer Group meetings during Advent and Lent. 
  • We act as ambassadors for St Antony's at events such as the Marian Procession in Manchester. 



The Chaplains led us in a wonderful Advent liturgy. They processed into the hall waving purple flags, singing "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord" from the critically acclaimed Godspell. They shared the meaning behind the Advent Wreath and how it is a season of preparation and waiting. We heard scripture readings and we had a beautiful moment of reflection and contemplation. Our music ambassadors joined them for some contemporary dance which was very moving. The advent prayer calendars, travelling cribs and teeny tiny nativity home task was shared by them.



Light Fever ran for the fifth consecutive year. It is a wonderful time of prayer and contemplation for our families to join together. Our Chaplains welcomed parents and children into the hall after school on Monday the 2nd of December.




Our Key Stage 1 children love it when the chaplains come to class to share some of their favourite Bible stories. This occurs weekly.