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Safeguarding and Prevent


' is frequently extended to parents and family members. The school provides nurture groups and Family Wise support for pupils and their families...Safeguarding has a high priority within the school and all staff are extremely well trained in safeguarding and child protection and this is updated on an annual basis. Positive relationships are evident throughout the whole school community.'                                                                         


(Salford Diocese Inspection Report: February 2017)

St Antony's was graded 'Outstanding' for Pupil Welfare



At St Antony’s RC Primary School our first priority is the welfare and safety of our children. We are committed to the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children at all times.  Please click the link below so that you are aware of how to raise any concerns that you may have about a child.

Sometimes we need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies, when there are concerns about a child’s welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our children are discussed with their parents/carers first - unless we have reason to believe that this would be contrary to their welfare.


Wendy and 'Elvis' visited us on Friday October 27th to deliver an assembly for the children on 'Being Safe Around Dogs' as we prepared for half-term.


  • It is estimated that there are more than 250,000 dog attacks every year.
  • Children below the age of 10 are the most common victims.


The assembly will hopefully enable the children to stay safe by teaching them about vital body language techniques and how to act around dogs. 



Mrs Rehana Ali (Family Support Worker) will be in school from Monday to Friday every week. She runs a ‘Drop in’ for the children every lunch time between 12-1pm.

The aim is to offer children a safe environment to share any worries or concerns they may have about home, school, friendships, bullying etc.  

Staff are also able to refer families for support at home for a host of issues:

Parenting, Behaviour, Relationships, Attendance, Benefits/welfare, Health issues, Low Confidence/Self Esteem, Anti-social Behaviour, Finances/debt  and Housing etc.

Rehana can offer a listening ear, give advice, guidance or support to the children and their families as they access family support or the drop in.

Rehana will signpost on to other agencies where relevant. She can support families through the CAF process where required as the lead professional.

Rehana is also happy to discuss any concerns staff or parents may have. 


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Family Support Worker, Mrs Rehana Ali



Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns:




Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Heather McGowan


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns:

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Annie Douglas


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any worries or concerns:



We have worked exceptionally hard to develop robust safeguarding procedures at St Antony's. The welfare of our children is our first priority...always. 


Marilyn Hawes has gone the mile & beyond in her passion for preventing grooming in child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation, due to the fact her own children were sexually abused by her former boss! 


 Marilyn has funded a lot of the organisation out of her own pocket, saying her passion for this cause far out weighs the sacrifices - knowing the chance of any child being saved from abuse. 

Marilyn received the award for 'Most Inspirational' from Inspiration Awards for Women in September 2017


Friend of St Antony's, Ms Marilyn Hawes, has worked closely with us to develop our policy and practice in school. She delivered INSET training to staff on 30th November 2016 on 'Grooming Behaviours' and how to spot the signs in adults and children. 


Marilyn returned to St Antony's in the Spring of 2017 to deliver workshops for parents and children about grooming behaviours; whether it be online or face-to-face.