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School Timetable

School Day 2020/2021   


This is our school, 

Let it be filled with love, 

Love of one another,

Love of life itself,

But most of all the love of Jesus Christ,

Our Lord




8:45 am Doors open- morning activities eg reading, consolidation of previous work, dictionary games, catch up time with teacher

During Covid restrictions our staggered start to the day is as follows:

EYFS 8:30am; KS1 8:35am; LKS2 8:40am; UKS2 8:45am

Please note final registration is at 8:55am. Pupils will be registered as late after this time.

9:05am Lesson 1

10:10am Collective worship 

10:30am Break including free toast for all KS2 children

10:45am Lesson 2



11:45am - 12:30pm Reception

12:00pm- 12:45pm Year 1

12:05pm - 12:50pm Year 2

12:15pm- 1:00pm KS2



Lessons 3 and 4 including cross-curricular reading and writing

All classes will take part in the Daily Mile for 15 mins

3:10pm End of school day Reception class

3:15pm End of school day KS1 and KS2

During Covid restrictions our staggered end to the day is as follows:

Nursery 11:30am; Reception class 3pm; KS1 3:05pm; LKS2 3:10pm; UKS2 3:15pm.