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Spring 1 2017/2018 - Frozen Kingdom


Spring 1 - Frozen Kingdom 

This term we are learning all about Frozen Kingdom where we will be looking at features of the Polar Regions, learning about living things and their habitats and creating igloo's! 

In English we will be focusing on; instructions, poetry/rap, narrative - suspense and mystery with a huge focus on Titanic. 

In Mathematics we will be focusing on; the four operations - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing (including decimals), coordinates, translation and reflection, capacity and volume, fractions - adding and subtracting, sequencing, temperatures and prime numbers. 

In Science we will be focusing on; Earth and Space, Evolution and Inheritance and Living Things and their habitats. 

In R.E we will be focusing on; Hope and Missions. 

In History we will be focusing on; Emigration and Exploration in the early 1900's. 

In Geography we will be focusing on; Features of the Polar Regions. 

In P.E we will be working on; Outdoor adventure - orienteering, 

In Art and Design we will be focusing on; photography, painting and block printing.  

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on; building Igloo's! 

In Music we will be focusing on; Soundscapes.

English - character descriptions 

We have been using the Learn Pads to research key information about our chosen polar characters. We then identified some COOL adjectives to describe and bring our animals to life!



Science - Solar system

In our Science we have been learning about our Solar system and how long it takes each of our planets to orbit the sun! We created a human solar system - it was so much fun!! 



Mathematics - Capacity

We have worked in teams to estimate the capacity of a number of containers and then we used our measuring skills to find the accurate measurements! 



P.E - Orienteering

In our P.E lessons we have been looking at maps and symbols. We have worked in small teams to create funny faces using our given maps! 

R.E - Hope

In our R.E lessons we have been discussing waiting patiently in the hope that Jesus returns. We have discussed how we can wait and what waiting feels like to us. 



Design Technology - Building Igloos

In our Design Technology lessons, we have researched Igloos and identified lots of information about where we might find them, what they are made from, how they are strong and who would live in them. We then used our research to design our own Igloo. After all the planning was completed we set to work and created our icy Igloos. They're BRRRRRRRilliant!! 




Friday 12th January 2018

Today we had a visitor who came to speak to us about Stereotyping. We worked alongside year 6 to identify the typical stereotypes within our world today. We then went on to create what a typical STEREOTYPED girl and boy would be expected to look like!! 





During our Internet Safety day we discussed the clues to look out for to be able to trust different websites. We identified what is trustworthy and what is not.



Friday 9th February 2018

Today we had some First Aid visitors who taught us how to carry out different procedures if we were to see anyone in need. We learnt how to help someone who is choking, how to perform CPR and how to get somebody into the recovery position.