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Spring 1 Year B - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence


Spring 1 - Peasants, Princes and Pestilence

Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the drawbridge: the dreaded and deathly 'Great Pestilence' is here! Mount your steed and gallop through the dark and deadly world of 14th century Britain, sword and shield at the ready, pledging your allegiance to king and country! 

In English we will be focusing on: Narrative using personification; Journals; English Poetry; Persuasive Speech and Letters. 

In Mathematics we will be focusing on: the four operations - adding; subtracting; multiplying and dividing (including decimals); fractions; percentages; line graphs; pie-charts; statistics and measurements. 

In Science we will be focusing on: Living Things 

In R.E we will be focusing on: Sources.

In History we will be focusing on: 14th Century England. 

In Geography we will be focusing on: Using maps. 

In P.E we will be working on: Dance; Historical Games and Battle Re-enactment. 

In Art and Design we will be focusing on: Still Life. 

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on: Recipes for Pizzas. 

In Music we will be focusing on: Charanga. 

Science - Viruses and Bacteria

As part of our topic this term, we are looking at how the Black Death was spread so easily across Europe and what could have been done to prevent it. We have been researching all about viruses and bacteria and how they are transmitted to other people. 



English - Read, Write, Perform

Our English topic this term involves a new scheme of work! We are working through the Read, Write, Perform topic where we will be writing and performing a documentary, in the style of David Attenborough, on an animal of our choice. Careful research is needed to find interesting facts and information about our animals! 



P.E - Blackburn Rovers, Gymnastics

This term we have the opportunity to work alongside a mentor from Blackburn Rovers. We are working hard to improve our balance and skills within gymnastics! 



R.E - Sources

Our focus this half term is sources! We have been using the Bible to find readings and note the main content of the passages we read. 



Geography - Counties

Within our topic, we are looking at how the Black Death spread across Europe and the United Kingdom. We have been using atlases to identify the different counties in which the Black Death spread. From this information, we have noticed a pattern and how a variety of physical and human features played a role in the spread of this terrible disease. 




Friday 8th February 2019

Mr Souter came to visit us again today to discuss Debt awareness! We learnt all about gambling and the risks and implications gambling can have upon your money. 


Monday 11th February 2019

The Lancashire Fire Service came to visit year 6 today to talk about road safety! We completed an interesting quiz and learnt all about the different crossings available to us and everyone else. 


During internet safety day, we discussed the risks of talking to people we do not know online, sharing details on social media pages or other websites and the implications of sharing photo's or videos without the consent of others. We felt, as a class, it was appropriate to share this information through drama. We worked in small groups, on a variety of scenes where internet safety has been breached and caused an issue, We then went on to discuss how the scene should have concluded in a more appropriate and safe way!