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Spring 1 Year B Predator

Welcome to Class 3's fantastically ferocious learning project...

It’s time to take a walk on the wild side! Find out who’s coming to visit... is it a bug-munching lizard or an eagle-eyed bird of prey? Whatever it is, do you think you can handle it?



In Science we started the topic by asking 'What is a living thing?' We then moved on to grouping living things however they wanted. This proved tricky as the children's groups often meant that the living things could be in more than one group. This provoked fantastic discussion.

We have created some spectacular dragon eyes in Art. We sketched some initial designs in our sketch books first and then completed our final design.




This half term we started a unit on Bedtime stories; A Dragon's Tale which the children thoroughly enjoyed, It also gave us a wonderful opportunity to put all the skills developed in our weekly oracy lessons into practise as once the children had written their story they then performed it in front of a green screen. Before doing the final filming the children filmed their introductions and evaluated them with a partner to see if they have used the correct pace and pitch and whether they included pauses for effect. Ultimately, the passion of the performance was what they were aiming for. This proved to be a little embarassing for some at first but they soon got into it.

The children were introduced to a lot of new vocabulary and technical terms such as predator, scavenger, consumer, producer etc in the topic. A matching of technical term and definition is a great way to check for full understanding.



We have wrote a descriptive piece in our Science books on how a tiger catches its prey. 

We have researched predators of the world and identified the continent they belong to on the world map. The map is also full of wonderful topic homework from ways of displaying food chains, facts about a predator of their choice and their drawings. All children get the chance to present their topic homework to the class. This is a great opportunity for the children to speak clearly and confidently and maintain the interest of their audience. 



In English, we have written some poetry based on owls and their characteristics. We also worked on our creative writing in pairs and came up with some fabulous description.



We love to take our learning outdoors so we went on a hunt to find living things out in the woods. We recorded what we found in a table. 

In  Art, we have been developing our sketching techniques by using hatching and cross hatching to create texture. We wanted to make the feathers look fluffy and almost 3d.

Feeling peckish? Let’s jump aboard the food chain!


In Geography we have been looking at the symbols used on Ordnance Survey Maps. We discussed why they are used and the effectiveness of a key. The children designed their own deadly predator park and used a key and symbols accurately.



We also made our own tile prints to create a deadly predator print.

We have been working with a Blackburn Rovers coach on gymnastics this half term in PE. The children thoroughly enjoyed all coach Gill's sessions. 

We looked at successful British Gymnastics and discussed the determination, resilience and fitness they promote. 

In Geography, we have been identifying counties within the UK. We compared our home county of Lancashire with that of Cornwall. We have researched facts using the learn pads about the 2 counties and made reference to birds of prey specific to two counties. We used the atlas to identify neighbouring counties of Lancashire and Cornwall.


This half term the children have looked at what life in Blackburn and the surrounding towns of Lancashire and the Industrial Revolution. We visited Helmshore Textile Museum to gain a greater insight as to what factory life was like for adults and children.


In History, using historical sources the children wrote in role as a child at work.

After our visit to the museum we felt inspired to have a go at weaving ourselves. It proved a little tricky but we produced some weaved masterpieces. More photos are displayed on on Class Dojo.

Oracy Lessons 

Our focus of late is for the children to know how to vary their body language and tone of voice. This will help them to  adapt to any situation and to be confident and clear with with what they are trying to say.

Our most recent poem focus in oracy is "Here". We have recently performed the whole poem by a group taking a verse each. You can check it out on our Class Dojo page.

We have had some heavy snow fall this half term. What do you do when it snows whilst in school....go and have a little play of course! For many of the children it was their first ever time on a sledge. What a memorable experience for them. I can still hear the giggles and screams ringing in my ear. Thank you Mrs Pollard for bringing your sledge in. 

Safer Internet Day was celebrated on February 5th. We agreed that the internet is a fabulous tool and when used safely and responsibly can be fun, informative and engaging. Through our class discussions the children showed greater awareness of how to keep safe and follow the E-safety principles to become masters of the internet. Our English focus was based upon this just before half term and we produced some great writing.

The children have written their own psalms to praise God. We shared these in worship in the school chapel.

In Music this half term, we have been focusing on reggae music with a particular focus on Bob Marley. The children listened and appraised many of his songs and learn and sang in chorus to "Three Little Birds".

We have also been introduced to our class composer, Aaron Copland. The children will find out more about him next half term and share their findings with Y4.

Our latest topic in RE in sharing. We have began the unit of work by sharing the story of the stone soup. The children all got involved and it promoted higher level thinking from the children. We unpicked the message hidden within the tale. The children thought about which character they relate to in the story. We finished the lesson by linking it to one of our Prayers For Life "Dear Jesus, help me to share what I have".



Problem Solving Friday is a massive hit in Year 3. Each Friday the children solve mathematical puzzles or problems which develops them reasoning skills. It gives the children the ability to think mathematically in context.