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Spring 1B - Moon Zoom !

Moon Zoom !


CRASH ! What's that in the playground ? Let's go outside and take a look. Stand back everyone - it looks like a UFO has crash-landed ! 

Find two who might have landed by exploring the craft and investigating scattered scientific specimens. Create a 'Welcome to Earth' box for an alien explorer. What can you put in it to help explain what life is like on our planet? 

Would you like to be an astronaut? You'll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Start off small by making an air-propelled rocket... WHOOOSH ! How far can you make it travel ?

Find out the names of the planets. There's Mercury, Neptune, Mars and ... do you know of any others ? I've forgotten the rest !

Then, an alien is found... Can you help get him home ? It's got the experts in a right kerfuffle. Professor Pong doesn't know what to do !

Are you ready for your take off Year 2 ?

Hold tight... 5-4-3-2-1... LIFT OFF


We has some naughty aliens in class who left us a mess make out of different materials!



We are trying a new scheme this term in English. It is called READ, WRITE, PERFORM and year 2 are learning about crazy creatures. Here is some of their amazing work :)

Who was the first man on the moon?

Who was the first woman to travel to space?

What was the first animal to travel to space?

What country won the race?


Year 2 know all about the space race!



We had an outer space experience and we loved it !! Can you name one of the stars ?



How interesting is our Solar System !

Try to learn all the planets.

We love our P.E lessons. We were practicing balance and hand and eye coordination. It was so much fun !

In maths we are learning all about hundreds, tens and ones. 100, 50, 6 is the same as 156.

In science we carried out an experiment ... could the force of the balloon move the straw along a piece of string?

Would it reach the end? 

Did we carry out a fair test? 

If you were a scientist, what experiment would you want to do? 

Who can make the biggest snowball ? 



Looking at satellite pictures from the NASA website !

Mrs Duxbury taught us how to blended to make our planets look 3D!

We loved our visit from the fire service!



The glockenspiels are so much fun! We are starting to get really good at playing them now :)



We are learning about religious books. We searched for them in the library and in the prayer room. We have also invited Father in to talk us about some of them that you might find in church.

Can you follow the planet map using directional language?

Here is our balloon powered rocket experiment? Who do you think won? Boys or girls? 





Wriggle readers with Mrs Brown. We have so much fun learning new things and improving our reading :) 


Working as a team to complete our work.