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Spring 2 Year B - Pharaohs


Spring 2 - Pharaohs

Let's travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt. Cruise along the Nile, entering a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. Find out about life on the river's fertile banks, discovering Egypt and its fascinating culture. Become an apprentice and work for Ramose - he's the chief embalmer at the Beautiful House. Help him prepare a body for its journey into the afterlife.
Now open the doorway to ancient Egypt - who knows what treasures you will find? 

In English we will be focusing on: Non-chronological reports; explanation texts; narrative - mystery stories.

In Mathematics we will be focusing on: the four operations - adding; subtracting; multiplying and dividing (including decimals); fractions; percentages; line graphs; pie-charts; statistics and measurements. 

In Science we will be focusing on: Human circulatory system; Animals including humans. 

In R.E we will be focusing on: Death and New Life. 

In History we will be focusing on: Ancient Egypt.

In Geography we will be focusing on: Human and Physical features of Egypt; The River Nile; Tourism. 

In P.E we will be working on: Games and Ball Skills. 

In Art and Design we will be focusing on: Drawing Artefacts; Headwearl Hieroglyphic amuletsa. 

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on: Clay water carriers; Egyptian food; Model tombs and pyramids.

In Music we will be focusing on: Charanga.