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Spring Term - Grow, Sow and Farm

Grow, Sow and Farm!


In Geography we have explored different types of land use in the UK and discovered that a staggering 70% is used for agriculture. In addition, we now know that there are three main types of farming; Arable, Pastoral and Mixed. Take a look at the examples of some of our wonderful work. 

We have learnt that farming is affected by the climate (typical weather), topography (shape of the land) and soil type of the farm’s location. The topography, soil and climate vary in different parts of the UK. That means some parts of the UK are more suited to a particular type of farming. We completed maps of the UK showing where did types of farming is located. We discussed why land use was more suitable to different types of farming. 
We looked at the pros and cons of modern day farming practices. We then wrote about which practices we saw as beneficial, whereby the positive effects out weigh the negative.


After completing a case study on Jersey Royals, we felt inspired to plant our own potatoes! 


In Music, we have been working as a class to create our own raps where lyrics have been thought of very carefully. We have then chanted our raps in beat to the tunes provided! Have a listen to our raps below! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

In D.T, we have been looking at seasonality and which vegetables are in season throughout the year. We used our knowledge of seasonality to create a vegetable soup! We wrote our recipes and then used our preparation skills to grate, chop and dice different vegetables. After that, we worked in small groups to boil our chosen vegetables and then created some yummy and healthy soups!!