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Summer 1 2017/2018 - Blood Heart


Summer 1 - Blood Heart

This term we will be exploring our circulatory system and identifying ground breaking discoveries about valves founded by anatomy lover - William Harvey. 


In English we will be focusing on; adverts and slogans, report writing, narrative - literacy heritage and poetry appreciation.  

In Mathematics we will be focusing on; the four operations - adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing (including decimals), inverse operations, negative and positive numbers, sequences, improper fractions and mixed numbers and line graphs. 

In Science we will be focusing on; Human circulatory system and properties and changing materials. 

In R.E we will be focusing on; Memorial Sacrifice and Sacrifice. 

In History we will be focusing on; Pre-Historic Britain - The Stone Age, The Iron Age and The Bronze Age.

In Geography we will be focusing on; Physical Geography - rivers, mountains and the water cycle. 

In P.E we will be working on; Cardiovascular exercise. 

In Art and Design we will be focusing on; Modelling and sculpture, abstract art. 

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on; Healthy recipes, product packaging, working models. 

In Music we will be focusing on; Pulse, heart raps and body percussion. 

English - Slogans and Adverts

Slogans and adverts has been our main focus this week. We have been looking at the effect smoking has on the body and have created persuasive adverts with catchy slogans to stop people from smoking. 



Poems using Personification

We have been learning all about personification and have used personification to create our very own poems about the heart! 
'My heart sang a beautiful tune as my love walked in.' 



P.E - Cardiovascular exercise 

As part of our P.E lessons, we have been working on exercise and recognising what happens to our bodies as we exercise. Rounders has been one of many games we have played.



Science - Circulatory System 

In Science we have been looking at the human body and our circulatory system! We started by drawing what we THOUGHT our circulatory system looked like and then we completed some research and discussions and drew what we had learnt! There was a big difference and it was really interesting to see. 



Blood Levels 

We have been investigating blood and what blood does around our body. We have learnt that blood is made up of 4 different components - red blood cells (44%) which carry oxygen and nutrients around our body, platelets and white blood cells (1%) which fights nasty infections and keeps our bodies healthy and then plasma (55%) which contains glucose, electrolytes, hormones and proteins. We created our own samples of blood layers to show the 4 different components! 



Mathematics - Sequencing

Sequencing numbers has been one of our focuses this term. We have worked as a class here to sequence numbers through 0 into negative numbers!




Design and Technology - Healthy Eating

In D.T we have been looking at balanced diets and how we need to incorporate foods from each food group in order to maintain a balanced diet. We have worked closely as a team to plan and design a healthy pizza, with a variety of toppings and then we worked together to prepare and cook our pizzas! They were YUMMY!!



Geography - Rivers

In Geography we have been looking at Rivers and their journeys. We have identified the features of a river including its source, meander, tributary, confluence and its mouth. We have also looked at Ox Bow Lakes and how they are formed over time. We created our own timeline of an Ox Bow Lake using play dough. 



We have been learning all about mountains and volcanoes. We spent a lesson creating our very own volcanoes where we watched the magma spill out! 



History - Pre-Romans

Within our History lessons we have been looking at what life was like before the Romans. We worked in teams to research facts about The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age.