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Year A Autumn 2 - Antarctica



Get ready for the big freeze... What animals will we find here? How cold is it? Find out about the life cycle of a penguin. Listen to Winter poems and write your own. Learn about Scott the explorer and his brave trip to the South Pole. Grab your snow boots and hat...we're off on an Antarctic adventure!  

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Can you spot the continent of Antarctica on the world map?



In history we learned about the famous explorer Robert Falcon Scott who led an expedition to be the first to discover Antarctica. It was a tough journey and his team were beaten by the Norwegian team. 



In English we listened to the story called 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We described the characters and thought about how they might be feeling during different parts of the story.



All About Penguins for Kids: Penguins of the World for Children - FreeSchool - Help support more content like this! Penguins are a special family of birds that live almost exclusively in the southern hem...

Once we had learned lots of interesting facts about Antarctica we imagined we had been there on a trip. We wrote letters home to our families to tell them what we had been up to. 


In geography we learned about hot and cold countries and the Equator. We sorted countries of the world into two groups.



We used special pencils to help us to sketch and shade emperor penguins. 





We listened to information about penguins and created our own non-fiction page about them.