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Year B Autumn 2 - Memory Box

Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy, teddy bear or best loved book? Look back at family photos of special occasions and find a funny photo of when your parents were young! Find out about the day you were born; it's called history and it's all about the past! Then make a special box; a memory box to keep  special things in. In years to come you can re visit them. MEMORIES are special...let's make some more! 

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We have been learning about toys of the past. We had a special box delivered from the museum loan service that was filled with Victorian toys! We wrote descriptions of our favourite toys for our class display. 

In our DT lessons we designed and sewed our own teddy bears. We think they look fantastic!

We had a special 'memory day'. We wrote about a special memory that we had that made us feel happy and we put them together in a tin and buried them in the school woods to be dug up in year 6! 






Guess who??? We brought baby pictures in to show our friends. We talked about how we have changed and grown. 

We enjoyed listening to stories about lost teddies and talked about how different characters were feeling. 



We worked as a team to build a tent on the playground and enjoyed stories and biscuits inside. Making memories!!!

During our R.E lessons we found out about Baptism and how it is a special time for families as they welcome their child into the family of God. Father Barry held a special class Baptism for our class doll Poppy Mary. Everyone had a special part to play. 


Lighting the Baptismal candle