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A big thank you to all our families who take attendance and punctuality seriously. We are really grateful to you for getting your child in on time so that they can learn as much as they possibly can. Breakfast club opens every weekday from 8.00am. School doors open from 8.30am and children start learning in class from 8.35am. This year, we are really going to AIM HIGH with our attendance!


Regular school attendance is crucial for primary school children. Attending school every day helps children develop a routine, which is an essential life skill. It also allows them to fully engage in their education, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their academic journey. Furthermore, being present in school allows children to build strong relationships with their teachers and peers, fostering a sense of belonging and community. By attending school regularly, children also develop important social skills, such as teamwork and cooperation. Therefore, it is vital that children make school attendance a top priority.


We can achieve this by:

Parent / Carer responsibilities: 

  • To ensure their child attends school regularly and on time. 
  • To inform school preferably between 8:30am and 9am on the first day of a child’s absence. 
  • To keep in contact with the school should there be difficult home circumstances requiring support from the school. 
  • To not take holidays during term time as these will be unauthorised and a penalty notice may be issued. (Holidays are strictly not allowed in term time)
  • To ensure the school has three current emergency contact names and numbers. The child should know these 3 people. 
  • To take medical and dentist appointments outside school time if possible. 
  • To co-operate with the school in our aim to improve attendance. 

 The School’s Responsibilities: 

  • Inform parents of their responsibilities for maintaining regular attendance for their child. 
  • Inform parents regularly of their child’s attendance using the traffic light system. 
    • 97-100% - Good - Outstanding - GREEN LIGHT
    • 93-96.9% - Satisfactory - AMBER LIGHT
    • 92.9% and below - Unsatisfactory - RED LIGHT
  • We aim to support any family in difficulties or crisis. 
  • Refer families requiring support to school's Attendance Team or the Education Welfare Officer as necessary. 
  • We will actively seek Court Prosecution when needed, but we do this as a very last resort. 
  • We value and reward good attendance; weekly, termly and annually through certificates, praise in assembly, rewards and class attendance treats. 

We will inform you if your child is regularly late for school and we will request from parents an explanation. Parents/carers will be invited into school to discuss this concern with Ms Ali or Mrs McGowan in the hope of resolving the problem. 

To raise standards, please be aware, letters will be sent from the school and Education Welfare Services if there are any concerns. 

Research shows that the closer a school and family work together the more likely a child will succeed. 



We have recently received an award for being in the top 25% of similar primary schools in England.


NHS Advice - Is My Child Too Ill For School 


Each week in our Gold Book assembly we celebrate class attendance. The class that comes first that week gets a dip in the treasure chest where they can win class prizes such as; hot chocolate in the woods, decorating biscuits or 10 minutes' meditation. Any other class who reaches over 96% attendance gets a roll of the dice and a chance to get onto the Attenopoly board to win more prizes. 

Year 2 enjoying a lesson in the woods with hot chocolate as a reward for having the best attendance.