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Blackburn Rovers Education


Blackburn Rovers Education Out reach partnerships

Year 5 - Move and Learn

Our Year 5 children take part in a 6 week physical well-being project where they learn about the importance of physical activity and how to eat a balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle and how this benefits mental and physical health. Throughout the project they learn how to recognise habits that can have both positive and negative effects on a healthy lifestyle. They explore how personal choices can support a healthy lifestyle and recognise what can influence them which help them in making informed decisions about their own physical health. Each session begins in the classroom and ends with physical activity led by the Blackburn Rovers specialist coaches.

Year 3 - GULP (Give Up Loving Pop)

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust has teamed up with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, and public health organisations Healthy Stadia and Food Active to help children cut back on sugary drinks in 2022.  Blackburn with Darwen Oral Health is a national concern, it has been reported that our five year olds have the highest rate of decay in England. Therefore we were very eager to be part of such an important initiative for our children.  The 4 week project consists of classroom-based games and physical activities to teach them why it is important to look after their teeth and gums, how to read and interpret food labels on bottles or cans of drinks and why hydrating with water is important for their education and playing sports. Children and their families are also being challenged to cut right back on sugary drinks and to Give Up Loving Pop for 21 days as part of the GULP campaign.

Our children learnt:

The very best drink is water. Y3

Coca Cola is full of sugar and damages your teeth. Y3

Too much sugar leads to cavities. Y3

Fluoride which you find in toothpaste makes the enamel on our teeth strong. Y3