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Dogs Trust Workshops


Now that we annually raise funds for them, in February 2024, we welcomed Dogs Trust into school to deliver "Be Dog Smart" workshops designed to empower our children with the knowledge and skills to interact safely with dogs in both their personal lives and social settings.

A trained professional led the workshops, who used age-appropriate materials to teach our pupils about responsible dog ownership.

During the workshops, pupils had the opportunity to learn important information about dogs, such as how to approach an unfamiliar dog, how to understand when a dog is feeling uncomfortable and how to safely pet a dog. By providing children with these valuable skills, we aim to reduce the likelihood of incidents and promote responsible dog ownership.

The Dog Trust Workshops has proven to be an invaluable learning experience and particularly beneficial in helping us understand and communicate with our two school dogs, Arlo and River, even more. As a result, this has enabled us to create a safer and more inclusive environment for all our pupils.