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Eco Warriors

Our Eco club is the heart of environmental consciousness at St Antony's, a hub of sustainability, awareness and compassionate action. Rooted in the values of stewardship and reverence for God's creation, our Eco Club stands as a testament to the school's commitment to nurturing responsible global citizens.

In the spirit of Pope Francis' call to protect the environment in his encyclical "Laudato Si'," the Eco Club endeavours to weave environmental stewardship into the fabric of our daily lives. With a deep sense of responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants, our members come together to explore, educate, and enact positive change within the school community and beyond.

Here they are educating the school on how to reduce plastic waste and introducing our school wide project to reduce plastic waste. 

Here are some of our Eco Warriors taking on the challenge of the project to make bread bag blocks. Once they have made their target of one a week for a full term they will take the bread bag blocks down to their local supermarket where they will be recycled correctly. 


Some of our St Antony’s Eco Warriors have been to Tesco Blackburn to recycle ♻️ our bread bag blocks. The children met with the Tesco community champion, Lisa, who showed them all the different things that we can recycle at Tesco to help our planet.


Care for our common home

To celebrate Earth Day our Eco Warriors conducted a litter pick. During this litter pick, they found plastic, paper (which they recycled) and food waste. They understand the importance of caring for our common home. 








God our Father,

We often abuse the planet which you have given us to live in,

May our efforts to recycle and care for our planet be pleasing to you. Amen.