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At St Antony's, we firmly believe in educating the whole child and offering a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. 

We understand that each child possesses unique talents and abilities. Through our enrichment programme, we strive to unlock and nurture these God-given talents. By exposing our pupils to a wide range of activities, we aim to encourage their individual interests, develop their strengths and build their confidence. We firmly believe that a well-rounded education encompasses academic excellence as well as the exploration of personal passions.

Enrichment activities play a crucial role in fostering personal and social development, creativity and curiosity amongst our pupils. These activities provide valuable opportunities for our children to explore new horizons, venture into unchartered territories and develop life skills.

To enrich our curriculum, we often invite visitors from various fields of expertise to share their knowledge and experiences with the pupils. These visits not only broaden their understanding of the world around them but also inspire them to explore new possibilities and discover their own passions and talents. 

Furthermore, community projects are an integral part of our enrichment programme. Through these projects, our students get the chance to make a positive impact on the local community while developing empathy, social responsibility and teamwork. 

Educational trips are another aspect of our enrichment programme. These trips are carefully planned to complement and enhance the learning in the classroom. We believe that these trips provide valuable hands-on learning opportunities that cannot be replicated within the four walls of a classroom.