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Global Policing


We are in our second academic year of our Year 6 children taking part in Project Chameleon; a ten-week behavioural-change project called Project Chameleon which is delivered by retired police officers. The project looks at raising understanding of the implications of crime and social awareness of the young people taking part, by getting them to think differently about their behaviour and how it affects others enriching the British values ‘Rule of Law’ curriculum. 

Each week there is a new theme which is delivered with an interactive, media rich approach. The themes covered are; anti-social behaviour, burglary, robbery and theft, drug abuse, weapons, racism, vehicle crime and road safety, getting arrested, self-defence and aggression and choices and consequences. 

Each week also involves an element of physical activity as potential police officers of the future, fitness and healthy minds are paramount. A favourite each week is the bleep test!