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London Trip

In January 2024, our children in Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to visit London. We conducted a selection process where the children were asked to write a letter expressing their interest in the trip. From the numerous well-written letters we received, our panel made the difficult decision of choosing the participants based on their passion and genuine curiosity to explore our capital city.

To ensure maximum time in London, we departed from school promptly at 6am, taking the train from Preston to London, Euston. Upon arrival, we embarked on a captivating tour of the Houses of Parliament, where the history and workings of our democratic system were explored. It was a unique opportunity for the children to witness firsthand how our democracy developed and operates today. The tour continued with a visit to the Palace of Westminster, where the children were able to witness democracy in action within the very rooms where decisions are made.

In addition to this memorable experience, we also had the chance to see the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, an iconic event showcasing the magnificent traditions of the British Royal Family. The children's excitement was palpable as they observed this historic ceremony unfold before their eyes.

To conclude our trip, we visited the Ultimate Shrek Experience, an attraction that transported us into the enchanting world of the beloved Shrek franchise. The children were thrilled by this immersive experience, making it a fitting end to their unforgettable day in London.

We cannot stress enough the immense value of such educational visits and the impact they have on our children's learning and personal development. Trips like these offer unique opportunities for our pupils to expand their horizons, develop cultural understanding and gain valuable insights beyond the boundaries of a classroom. Such experiences foster independence, boost confidence, and promote a lifelong love for learning.