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Meet Our Staff

Our staff at St Antony's embodies a spirit of dedication and compassion, creating a nurturing environment that reflects the values of our faith. Comprising talented teachers, administrators, and support personnel, our team is committed to fostering the academic, spiritual, and personal growth of each student. Grounded in the teachings of the Catholic faith, our staff members work collaboratively to instill a sense of community, morality and a love for learning in the hearts of our students. With a shared commitment to excellence and guided by the principles of faith, our staff play a crucial role in shaping the development of our students, preparing them for a future grounded in knowledge, compassion and a strong moral foundation.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs McGowan

    Head Teacher and DSL, Assessment and Reading Lead

  • Mrs J Malak

    Deputy Head Teacher, Behaviour/Curriculum/Writing/RE Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs R Ali

    Designated Safeguarding Lead


  • Miss A Wildy

    Year 1 Class, SENDCo

Premises Team

  • Mr J Shaw

    Site Supervisor

Office Staff

  • Mrs N Saunders

    Operations Manager, Children's University Coordinator, ECO Team Lead

  • Mr S Saunders

    Finance Manager

Nursery Team

  • Mrs J Duxbury

    Nursery Teacher, Nurture Lead and Speech & Language Lead

  • Mrs V Warren

    Nursery Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

  • Mrs H Macneal

    EYFS lead, Mentor, Reception Teacher, Early Reading and Phonics and Music Lead

  • Mrs G Abrams

    Reception Class Teaching Assistant

  • Miss B Warren

    Teacher in training, PE inclusivity

  • Arlo

    Reception Class Dog and Therapy Dog

Year 1 Team

  • Mrs A Morini

    Teacher in training

  • Mr R Coates

    Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

  • Mr S Close

    Year 2 Teacher, Outdoor learning lead

  • Mrs S Patel

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs K Linley

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant and ELSA Lead

Year 3 Team

  • Mr D McGregor

    Year 3 Class Teacher, Geography and PE Lead

  • Miss Aringa

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant and Breakfast Club Lead, Children's University Coordinator

  • Miss T Burns

    Year 3 Teaching Assistant and Tea Time Club Lead

Year 4 Team

  • Mr M O'Brien

    Year 4 Class Teacher, Computing Lead and DT Lead

  • Mrs R Seaberg

    Year 4 Class Teacher and History Lead

  • Mrs C Brown

    Year 4 Teaching Assistant, FOSA Liaison

Year 5 Team

  • Miss S Thomas

    Year 5 Class Teacher, Trainee Teacher Mentor and Science Lead,

  • Mrs N Cooper

    Year 5 Teaching Assistant

  • Miss H Hargreaves

    Year 5 Teaching Assistant, Medical Administrator and Choir Lead

Year 6 Team

  • Mr D Hall

    Year 6 Class Teacher, Outdoor learning and Mathematics Lead

  • Mrs R Park

    Year 6 HLTA, Reading for pleasure Lead, School Council, Library Coordinator

  • Mrs S Lewis

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant

  • Mr C Bleasedale

    ICT Manager, HLTA

  • River

    Year 6 Class Dog and Therapy Dog

Kitchen Team

  • Mrs Y Saunders

    Catering Manager

  • Mrs M Pemberton

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs T Georgy

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs M Holmes

    Catering Assistant

Welfare Team

  • Mrs J Eastham

    Playtime Coordinator

  • Mrs B O'Reilly

    Playtime Coordinator