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St. Antony's Got Talent (SAGT)

The highlight of the school calendar ..."St. Antony's Got Talent." This fantastic event provides a splendid opportunity for our children to showcase their God given talents in front of the entire school family.

At St. Antony's, we cherish every moment where we can come together as a community and celebrate the incredible talents of our children. We are always so proud of their dedication and hard work and SAGT allows us to give them the recognition they truly deserve. 

SAGT is always so well supported by our parents. We strongly believe that the presence of family and friends creates a positive and vibrant atmosphere, motivating our children to shine their brightest. 

Finally, we can't forget to mention that each year SAGT involves celebrity-inspired judges and is hosted by the one and only Mrs McGowan. As you may know, Mrs McGowan brings a unique flair to the show, taking on a new persona each year. Her enthusiasm and creativity never fail to make SAGT such a memorable experience.